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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Time to have a logo contest
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 20:18:30 GMT
Ole Ersoy wrote:
> Just a few thoughts on the logo contest:
> I've been drooling over these KDE Icons (LGPL):
> I was going to attach some of the ones that I think
> would work well in a logo, but I think the email will
> bounce back - so I'll just use the names:
> kppp.png: this is the apple .net icon, but it has
> another icon layed over it.
> I thought this might be cool, but with the kfm
> file cabinet layed over instead...
> kfm.png
> or
> file-manager.png
> ...since directories and file-manager's have a litte
> bit in common...
> There's a green one like that somewhere else that will
> probably work better ...
> There's also an icon for Internet Connection Tools:
> Internet Connection Tools.png
> It's pretty sweet.  It's got a wire with a male jack
> coming out of it and it's the world with the apple net
> glowing stuff on it.
> I'll try to attach that one and see if it goes
> through:
> Anyways - kde-look is a great resource in case any of
> us wanted to hunt for some icons to give the designers
> a general idea.
> There's also one under the filesystems folder called:
> folder_html.png
> that's a globe in front with a file folder in the
> back...
> Just a few ideas....

Cool I love these icons myself but we may have issues with using LGPL 
icons.  If I remember correctly a GUI for Geronimo had to remove LGPL 
icons from the neuvola icon library or something like that.

I'd suspect we might have similar problems/issues with LGPL icons.


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