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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [IMPORTANT] Status of Apache Directory
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 19:14:55 GMT
Hi all,

Lately some things have been slowing down and I just want to see were we 
are and who is working on what.  Who is still around :)?

With the recent emergence of MINA from the Directory TLP to be its own 
TLP I think it's a good time to recap on what's going on and the current 
state of affairs.


1). New Code Imports
2). Documentation and Site
3). 1.5.x Branch Roadmap
4). OSGi Plan
5). Community Growth

New Code Imports


We just imported mitosis into the ADS 1.5.x branch.  Mitosis is a 
multimaster replication module that Trustin Lee wrote for ApacheDS a 
while back while working with my company Solarsis Group.  Solarsis 
contributed the source to the ASF and all IP has been cleared.

We imported this code but we're working on better integrating it.  It 
now compiles and we're trying to test it to see if it still works after 
the 1.0 release.

We're working with Trustin to transfer as much of the knowledge he has 
to others on the project currently so others can work in it besides just 
Trustin, Emmanuel, and I.

Mitosis needs lots of work. Refactoring and testing under heavy load.

So volunteers are welcome!


An identity management solution built on top of ApacheDS.  Right now 
tsec has had all documentation and IP cleared for import and it's ready.

I just have not had the time to move it over and change the package names.

Not only this but I have to revamp the schema which is a mess and make 
sure we use Apache Enterprise numbers instead of safehaus ones.  So 
there is a lot of work that needs to be done here.


Documentation and the Site

We're in really sad shape here.  Almost everything is well out of date 
and we need to revamp the site to include all the documentation that we 
have in the ASF confluence which now has all the stuff which was at 

We need someone to take the lead here.  Ersin? Stefan?

1.5.x Branch Roadmap

a) refactor
	i) cleanup jndi code
	ii) cleanup intercepted methods
	iii) introduce new request context object
	iv) introduce a session object
	v) cleanup misuse of next interceptor and nexus and use the 		proper 
bypass instructions
	vi) hierarchical partitioning

b) features

	i) Triggers
	ii) Better sandbox (security) for stored procedures
	iii) SASL
	iv) DSML Service
	v) Web Interface
	vi) Transactions
	vii) Quartz integration


We need a clear roadmap to be defined for the 1.5.x developmental 
branch.  I agree with Trustin that we need to seriously refactor some 
nasty JNDI code out of the core to clean it up.

First I think we should refactor the code to better organize it.  Then 
we need to think about whether or not we're going to cleanup intercepted 
methods and introduce a session and request (Context) objects instead of 
each interceptor method having a bunch of arguments.

In some places we use the next interceptor or the nexus directly instead 
of using the proper bypass instructions.  With mitosis this will be a 
problem so we need to cleanup and use this code properly.

We need to make it so several nexus' can exist and that the nexus itself 
can store entries.


Next we need to think about features that are to be added and completed 
in this branch.  Some things have already started but are half complete 
like the trigger implementation.  We need a time table for that.  We 
also need a good sandbox for code executed as stored procedures.

I talked to Trustin about implementing SASL and we think we can shoot 
for implementing this feature soon after some refactoring of the core.

Looks like PAM Is working on some DSML code and he would like to 
integrate it into the core.  PAM please start working in the sandbox 
with your code right before attempting this merge.

For DSML and a web based configuration console both at start up for the 
initial configs and on going configuration we can embed Jetty and have a 
web console like the one that is in Tsec.

Transactions anyone? These are not transactions across multiple LDAP 
operations.  These are transactions that make it so we can recover 
easily on abrupt shutdowns and to make all operations atomic.  This is a 
serious issue with triggers.

We need quartz integration and should pull it out of the mitosis code. 
We need to do certain time triggered tasks and it makes sense to have it.

OSGi Plan

I have no idea what is going on with the OSGi work.  It seems like John 
Conlon is the only one left working on it now.

There are no updates to the community and very little knowledge sharing 
about this.  We need more status on this if anything.

Community Growth

We're still a small community even though we just added 7-8 new 
committers.  Not many stuck around it seems but it may be too early to tell.

I'd like to see an effort to increase the number of active committers on 
this project.  Everyone should help think about how we can do this.

More people are welcome as usual.


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