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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] Status of Apache Directory
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 22:52:53 GMT
John E. Conlon wrote:
> OSGi Movement at ADS I think will be the product of both desire and
> pressure.  So we just need to keep showing the benefits of OSGi and
> working to impress the technology into our current projects.


> In the short term we need to work with some of our sister projects:
> Felix 'Commons'
> We must move forward on the Felix commons idea. If no one is doing it I
> would be willing to do it myself asap (next week?). Will move our
> required common osgi bundles over there. If this makes sense, 

Ok what are we moving into felix common? And will not moving our stuff 
over to felix common not make it harder for others to commit on those 

Alex can
> you get with Richard Hall and create a place for the commons, and get me
> a svn userid/pw with commit access so I can redeploy our common
> dependencies to there? If necessary (from the felix community
> standpoint) I can also help with other wrapping efforts besides the few
> we need.

Rather than get with Richard (a person) we should be asking about how to 
start working the commons thing on the community's dev list.  Also if 
you're a main driver for doing things in there you can get commit rights 
which should be the case.

> Mina
> There will open a window of opportunity for us to add OSGi wrapping
> subproject project to Mina as soon as Peter Royal creates a Java5
> optimized Mina 1.0.0 compatible branch. Can you help facilitate the
> idea? JIRA:  http// 

You already have rights to commit to the directory project which still 
for now includes MINA.  I recommend creating a private MINA branch in 
your personal sandbox area and making the appropriate changes there then 
presenting this idea to the MINA dev list.


This should be more proactive and they can see just what you are 
proposing first hand by investigating your branch.


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