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From David Boreham <>
Subject Apache Directory Sync ?
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2006 23:05:26 GMT

I wish that there were an open source, expandable, LDAP
sync engine. Something like a meta directory product is
what I'm thinking of (MS has one, so do Novell and
Sun although theirs are not actively marketed). There are
a few other commercial products in this space too.
AFAIK nothing like this exists in open-source-land.

Problems such a thing would be good for solving :

1. Some user data is in some old crusty data store (Exchange 5.5,
Windows NT4 domain controller, Peoplesoft...).
We want to sync some subset of schema to/from the
corporate LDAP service. Often the 'crusty data store'
is something so strange that it only exists at one
customer, and so custom code needs to be written to access it.

3. Customer has Active Directory (hard to avoid, even
I have one!). But they really want to use a nice open
source LDAP directory server. What to do : some
DS'es have native Windows sync solutions, but not all
(not Apache DS nor OpenLDAP).

3. Federation of LDAP services (for DS products that
do not have native federation, which is almost all of them).
Company A does business with company B, they want
some subset of their directory data sync'ed in two directions.
This can't be done with replication, even if the two orgs use
the same DS product, because replication implies too much
common administration for two distinct organizations.

The thing I have in mind would have a pluggable connector
architecture. It would have a general purpose module for
correlating entries/records between sources. It would be able
to abstract all the different client sync mechanisms that
the different DS'es support (DirSync for Active Directory,
persistent search for FDS, syncrepl for OL, etc).

Java seems like a good implementation language given
the lack of a high performance requirement for the task,
and the ease with which plugins can be deployed cross platform
(and also good database connectivity).

Thoughts ?

Anyone interested in working on such a thing ?

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