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From David Boreham <>
Subject Re: Apache Directory Sync ?
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 18:46:35 GMT
Ersin Er wrote:

>> 3. Federation of LDAP services (for DS products that
>> do not have native federation, which is almost all of them).
>> Company A does business with company B, they want
>> some subset of their directory data sync'ed in two directions.
>> This can't be done with replication, even if the two orgs use
>> the same DS product, because replication implies too much
>> common administration for two distinct organizations.
> What about referrals?

Do you mean LDAP clients in Company A would receive
a referral and contact Company B's server directly ?
If so then that's something I've never seen deployed to
solve a federation problem. I suspect that no IT group
is going to allow random clients to access its LDAP
service from an outside organization.

> We have thoughts on virtual directories and views for LDAP. Not in the
> very near future, but we'll introduce some facilities like you
> mentioned. And also replication is hopefully coming with the next
> release. You may futher detail your requirements so we can use them to
> form our roadmap.

That all sounds great, but none of the above is a sync tool,
which is what I'm asking about here.

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