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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Content for ApacheDS documentation
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2006 17:42:42 GMT
Ersin Er wrote:
> So my proposal is:
> * Basic User's Guide
> * Advanced User's Guide
> * Developer's Guide

This is fine. "Basic User's guide" is better than "Beginner's Guide".
I see the following audiences for the three:

Basic User's Guide:
People new to ApacheDS. Primarily plan to use the server as is, maybe 
for there first LDAP experience. They download a release and install it. 
Afterwards they likely use graphical clients for there first steps. 
Simple configuration tasks only. I recommend to have tutorial style and 
many examples for this one.

Advanced User's guide:
Advanced users who for instance plan to extend the server (own 
interceptors, partitions), or to embed it. They checkout the software 
from svn and build it on their own.

Developer's guide:
People who want to contribute to the software. Thus, coding styles, 
development method etc. are interesting.

> Now what is most important is a Beginner's Guide for basic directory
> operations using ApacheDS. 

I will, in conjunction with Christine, concentrate on this part (Basic 
User's Guide) the next two or three weeks, if you like.

Greetings, Stefan

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