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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Schema Subsystem Redesign Objectives
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:45:12 GMT
Hi guys,

We have the design in mind and it looks good.  Now it's time to start 
the work.  I cannot see the whole path to get this done but here's what 
I see into the next few weeks.

1a). We need to implement a meta schema to represent schema entities as 
entries in the server under ou=schema area.  Emmanuel already started on 

1b). We need parsers for interchanging LDAP description formats for 
schema entities into Schema objects.  Ersin already started working on 
these parsers.

1a and 1b are concurrent.

2). Need to write the special partition for ou=schema which uses a 
subset of schema information to bootstrap itself and initialize the 
schema subsystem.

3). Write the schema subsystem facade and initialization code to load 
all entities into their respective registries.  Also need to figure out 
how to maintain and access registries for specific SAAs.  Basically we 
need a method to lookup a registry based on DN.  This will find the SAA 
associated with the DN, and lookup the associated registries with that SAA.

4a). Start writing code to inject subschemaSubentry attributes into 
entries falling under SAAs defined by the subtree specifications of 
schema subentries.

4b). Need to start working on virtualization code that injects schema 
description attributes into schema subentries.

4a and 4b are concurrent.

5) Rewrite schema checking code to properly apply schema information to 
changes to DIT and respond accordingly.  We will use the full LDAP 
schema capabilities to contrain and manage the DIT.

Right now this is as far as I can foresee in terms of general steps.


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