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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: Content for ApacheDS documentation
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2006 08:05:14 GMT
On 11/19/06, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
> Ersin, Christine (+others),
> I would like to reorganize the documentation of ApacheDS 1.0 a bit.
> Currently, we have three "documents":
> (1) User's Guide
> (2) Developer's Guide
> (3) Tutorial
>  From my point of view, we only need documentation for two audiences
> (users with different skill sets, developers). Our current User's guide
> is inappropriate for beginners, and the tutorial is incomplete. Thus I
> plan to combine the content of (1) and (3), and move advanced topics
> from (1) to (2) (the developer's guide is currently nearly empty).
> The first part of the User's Guide should work as a entry point for
> beginners in the future. Christine has already depicted a possible
> structure, which might act as a starting point for a discussion here:

Well, although content like "Partitions" or "Subentries" are advanced
ones, they are still user related topics. Developer's Guide is related
to content which is really about developing ApacheDS itself, not
develoing advanced plugins for it nor using advanced features.

So my proposal is:

* Basic User's Guide
* Advanced User's Guide
* Developer's Guide

While I am writing these I am also having trouble.. Because ApacheDS
has lots of aspects like advanced X.500 based administration or
embedding (which is summarized in the presentation by Alex).

> My next steps:
> - Define target groups for User's Guide and Developer's Guide.
> - Create High Level Table of contents for both
> - Assess available content and move it to the different guides
> - Concentrate on areas which painfully lack documentation and create
> content

Now what is most important is a Beginner's Guide for basic directory
operations using ApacheDS. And unfortunately we have a Lot to write
after that.. :)

> It is very important that we soon have the option to present the content
> on the site, because the current site is a mess.
> The way Trustin publishes the MINA content looks sufficient to me.

You will soon see the site with
content from DIRxSITE space. I think it takes a while for the web
server to syncronize with people.a.o.

> Is it possible to publish several spaces this way, Ersin? In this case,
> we can move the toplevel content from the site to cwiki ("Apache
> Directory Website" space), and switch to it.

I think DIRxSITE space can be the entry point. We can combine all
content under that space and export it.

> What do you think?
> Greetings from Hamburg,
>      Stefan



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