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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] [Schema] New schema subsystem specification
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2006 19:08:44 GMT
On 11/25/06, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Norval Hope wrote:
> > I've signed up to cwiki as "nhope" to formalise some of my thoughts
> > etc as Ersin wisely suggested. Are there more steps required for me to
> > get write access to the relevant areas (the 1.1 dev area)?
> You should be all set in terms of SVN but Ersin may need to update your
> permissions in confluence.

Done. Happy wiking.

> >> From Alex's previous posts is sounds like some of the points that
> > occur to me in the VD space are striking some chords, and I'm the
> > first to admit that this case is in many ways separate from the
> > primary "persistent schema" case (and that there are details of the
> > internals of the design for this case which I only follow in a
> > broad-brush sort of manner).
> >
> > I'll spend some time collecting my thoughts regarding schema support
> > and considering some solutions to some meaty problems I have
> > previously glossed over in the interests of an immediate commercial
> > solution to date. I'll try to document the VD related content in this
> > thread in a more organised fashion (although I doubt it will be as
> > schmick as the documentation already on cwiki).
> >
> > Whilst the two usecases are certainly sufficient for the VD stuff to
> > be considered a sub-project, the trick IMO is going to be in ensuring
> > that there is enough flexibility in the core to support the VD usecase
> > as well as the primary persistent schema / replication one (even if it
> > takes the form of discrete plug-ins etc).
> I was hoping you would be somewhat interested in implementing some of
> those plugins here.
> Yeah I guess we could take that approach regarding just adding more
> flexibility to the server.  That's certainly an option.
> Alex


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