Hi guys,

trunks does not compile anymore right now. There are at least two problems :
- in mitosis, a lack of slf4j is responsible for compilation probelm (ie: the pom.xml has been modified, or has not been modified accordingly to the code modification)
- for an unknown reason, maven tries to load maven-eclipse-plugin, but fails.

I will try to fix those errors, but please consider to triple-check the compilation *before* committing some modifications, especially for pom.xml files. Do a mvn clean before doing a mvn install, or even better, just remove or rename you .m2 directory.

At a point, we may want to use continuum to avoid such problems. Volunteers ?

PS: It's just a reminder, because this kind of pb is quite frequent, and everybody can make mistakes, me included. So don't take it personnally !

Emmanuel Lécharny