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Subject Re: Open architecture identity and authorization efforts.
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 19:59:11 GMT
On Dec 5,  8:05pm, "Apache Directory Developers List" wrote:
} Subject: Re: Open architecture identity and authorization efforts.

> Hi Greg,

Good afternoon Ole, hope your day is going well.

> Wow - That's what I call a reply :-)
> Thanks for all the terrific elaboration.

I'm glad you found the descriptions useful.  Under the best of
conditions identity is an abstract concept.  IDfusion suffers from
that as well as being a completely different metaphor/paradigm.

> It's really interesting stuff.  I would love to ask more questions
> and first I want to make sure I'm in a position to actually do more
> than just ask questions, so I'll hold off for a little bit until I
> have a chance to understand better how something like this
> fits/complements an ApacheDS roadmap.

Feel free to forward any questions.  I summarized some issues for
David Jencks last week which went through the list as well.

>>From a pure directory play perspective IDfusion may or may not be
revelant to ApacheDS.  It was purposely designed to be agnostic with
respect to directory implementation.

The goals of the ApacheDS seem to be somewhat loftier than a simple
directory services implementation.  The provider plug-in architecture
would seem to indicate a desire to deliver multiple service offerings
from a common data/management store.

If the ApacheDS group shares the vision of the need for a common
authorization implementation architecture IDfusion becomes relevant
with respect to Kerberos services.  At a minimum the Kerberos plug-in
would need to support authorization payload injection.

> Thanks again,
> - Ole

Best wishes for a productive week and a pleasant holiday season.

}-- End of excerpt from "Apache Directory Developers List"

As always,

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