Hello Stefan,

I will show if the shared-ldap LDIF utils could be used for the LDIF
editor. Does it makes sense to move the DSML parser to ldap-shared?

Not yet I think. It still has major opened issues but as soon as it support binary values and those major issues are closed, its best place may be shared-ldap.

There are some issues with big files in eclipse (see
If we want to use the eclipse features (syntax coloring folding, content
assistence) this could be a real problem. The LDIF editor currently
rejects files bigger than 1MB.

So, we may have exactly the same problem with a DSML Editor. It may even come sooner, since XML files are more verbose

> I already tried to migrate to maven a few weeks ago and I got some
> issues regarding the internal Eclipse computed dependencies (that are
> necessary to build and run tests on plugins but should not be exported
> in the plugin itself since those dependencies will be supplied by the
> Eclipse platform or the RCP app). Have you ever successfully build an
> Eclipse plugin using Maven ?
No, not yet.

Ok, we'll work together on spare time to get LDAP Studio building with Maven.