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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Why does LDAP studio display no subentries?
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 18:41:32 GMT
Hi Tino,

could you take a look what happens at the wire using Ethereal? Could you
record the request and response
1.) when you click on "cn=Benutzerverwaltung"
2.) when you expand "cn=Benutzerverwaltung"

Can you check if the schema is loaded? Right-click to the connection and
select "Open Schema Browser". The list on the left side of the Schema
Browser must contain elements (at least on the Object Classes and
Attribute Types tabs). You can also try to reload the schema.


> Hi there,
> I'm browsing my open-EIS backed ApacheDS partition with JXplorer and it
> works well. The structure looks like this:
> +- cn=Bookmarks
> +- cn=Benutzerverwaltung
>    +- uid=admin
>    +- cn=Anonym
>    +- cn=Benutzer
>    ...
> ...
> It is displayed correctly in JXplorer. But in LDAP studio, I can expand
> the branch, but it doesn't expand any further. I
> even provided the hasSubordinate attribute which is displayed correctly,
> but if I try to expand "Benutzerverwaltung", it displays "fetching
> fields..." for a moment, then the message disappears and nothing
> happens. The weird thing is: I don't get any methods called in my
> partition. From my partition's point of view absolutely nothing happens
> if I try to expand the "Benutzerverwaltung" branch.
> Where should I look next?
> BTW: For some reason, LDAP studio also doesn't show me the object's
> attributes if I click on an objecct. Only the object class is shown. As
> above, I don't get any additional calls into my partition if I click on
> a node. In JXplorer, I get a hasEntry(...) and a search(...) call for
> each clicked node.
> Thanks,
> Tino.

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