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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Please deploy jars to SNAPSHOT repo on changes
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 05:32:34 GMT

You did a great job yesterday but you gotta deploy your changes to the 
remote repos.  You know that every time you make a significant API 
change you should push jars up to the remote repository.

Yeah I know I did not mention this to many people.  I'm trying to get 
into the habit myself.

When API changes are made we have to deploy those changes to the 
SNAPSHOT repository.  Otherwise compilation issues make it so others 
cannot point fix the code.  Like Trustin tried to fix the server-ssl 
problem by checking out server-ssl and could not build it without a full 
rebuild because the shared-ldap changes broke everything and maven could 
not pull down up to date snapshots.


*Alex does not want to admin this*

You could not really do this because I fudged up the deploy the last 
time.  My last deploy changed the permissions to exclude write access to 
the group.  Doh!  So even if you followed the rules my last deployment 
would not have allowed anyone else to update the repo.

So to do this right for the future we all might want to take a look at 
the following confluence page Trustin has over here:

It shows how to deploy to the repo when changes are made to APIs.


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