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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Reducing the complexity/verbosity of default server.xml (and custom configuration files)
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 19:13:54 GMT
Hi all!

There is some criticism about configuration complexity of ApacheDS, 
especially from people who argue after a first glance at it. The 
verbosity is mostly driven by the Spring Framework.

Here are three ideas I had:

1) Simplify default server.xml by using another property setting style

Currently, the server.xml seems to favor this style (example):
<bean id="systemPartitionConfiguration" class="...">
     <property name="name"><value>system</value></property>
     <property name="cacheSize"><value>100</value></property>
     <property name="suffix"><value>ou=system</value></property>

Is there any reason why not to use this style:
<bean id="systemPartitionConfiguration" class="...">
     <property name="name" value="system" />
     <property name="cacheSize" value="100" />
     <property name="suffix" value="ou=system" />

(quite easy to achieve. I volunteer, if nobody contradicts that this is 
a (rather small) imrovement)

2) Reduce length of partition configuration

Currently, partition configuration are very long, mostly because of the 
many many indices for internal attributes:
           <property name="cacheSize"><value>100</value></property>
(many others follow, in each partition the same

If it is highly recommend to use these indices, how about having a 
special IndexConfiguration as a default, which only has to be extended 
in order to adjust it to your needs?


3. Define our own tags for configuration with the help XML Schema-based 
configuration introduced in Spring 2.0. This is more a long term option. 
But I think the idea is promising.

What do you think?


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