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From David Jencks <>
Subject [TRIPLESEC] JACC context id in an application
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 23:00:21 GMT
Alex explained to me that for various legal scenarios its very  
desirable to have triplesec guardian bind to a single application and  
use ldap security to prevent it seeing anything outside that  
application.  On the other hand jacc requires you to deal with a set  
of application components, called policy contexts, within a single  
application.  My original idea was to say application == policy  
context, but this requires triplesec to have access to the entire  
realm in ldap, which includes the users, so that won't work.

So, currently the dn structure is hardcoded to be

appName=foo,ou=applications,<realm dn>

with profiles, permissions, roles, etc right below this rdn.  In  
particular there's code all over the place to take "foo" and turn it  
into "appName=foo,ou=applications".

I think we can simplify the code a bit, satisfy the "log into a  
single application", and make the jacc stuff work by generalizing  
this rdn.  As far as existing code goes I want to pass in a rdn  
string wherever the rdn is currently constructed (e.g. as above from  
"foo").  This will let people set up the same kind of structure as  
they do now if desired, or for jacc introduce another level


and perhaps for other purposes add even more levels.

Of course there may well be reasons this won't work, and in  
particular I haven't tried to figure out yet if more or different  
objectClasses are needed.  Any comments would be more than welcome.

many thanks
david jencks

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