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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: [TRIPLESEC] JACC status
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 07:51:27 GMT
Hi David,

First off thank you very much for your great affords and apologize us
for not getting involved into this process enough. Although we are
dying to work on Triplesec this is I think a bad/busy time period for
most of us.

On 1/2/07, David Jencks <> wrote:
> Here's a brief summary of progress on modifying Triplesec to be a
> JACC provider in sandbox/triplesec-jacc
> - I'm modified the data model and schema so that permissions
> correspond pretty well to java permissions and are organized below
> roles and profiles.  Each of these can grant or deny permissions.
> The only disagreement I have with the current data model is that
> profiles point to users rather than users pointing to profiles.  I
> think it will be more useful fore each user to have one profile, but
> allow many users to uses the same profile.

The point of such a scheme is that a user is a real entity and
represented by a single entry on the system. For different
applications the user can be assigned to different profiles is
desired. Your suggestion of multiple-users-per-profile looked more
like what is Roles for to me.As you may already read these concepts
are explained here:

OK, it is not a perfect model (well far from it maybe) but has some
intentions. BTW, I think I am one of the last guys here to support
these intentions as I am one of the least involved in Triplesec. But
synergy is a good thing ;-)

> Also I can't see any
> point in tracking all known permissions under the application so I
> removed that.

Hmm, it may be just used for demonstration purposes. One more tracking
capability does not hurt :-)

> - I'm modelling the set of "applications" (current triplesec term)
> that are managed together with a realm.  This could correspond to one
> or several j2ee applications.  The SafehausPrincipal now basically
> has an application >> profile map in it rather than a single profile.
> - I've modified the login module to work better :-) but need advice
> on what part kerberos is playing compared to just binding to ldap
> using the supplied credentials.
> - I've imported and fixed the start of a jacc implementation I did at
> geronimo.  Some simple tests show that it at least partly works.
> This means that the guardian ldap and api stuff pretty much
> completely works and the admin-api works at least to some extent.
> One test adds a permission to a role using the JACC interfaces, then
> demonstrates that a user with a profile with that role then has the
> permission.


> - The admin-api is not completely modified for the changes in the
> data model.  The permissions under roles and profiles are not really
> dealt with in the admin-api data model.  There's quite a bit of
> disabled test code here.   I'm not very happy with how the code is
> structured now with data objects and "modifiers".  Maybe I don't
> quite get it but I wonder if something more similar to jpa or jdo
> would be easier to deal with -- I'm thinking some kind of state
> manager object for each data object instance and a persistence
> broker.  It's also possible that if I understood the existing code
> better I'd realize this is what it's doing.
> - The swing admin program has a lot of stuff disabled so it will
> compile.  This shows some signs of having been written using an IDE
> that generates skeleton code for you..... knowing which one might be
> useful.  It would be even better if the original developers wanted to
> update for the data model changes :-) given my near-total swing
> ignorance.

The swing admin tool is just a toy written for again demonstration
purposes. Of we need a much better, probably web gui. In fact Timothy
had started writing a web (wicket) based tool but I do not know its
current state.

> - I have no idea about the state of the wicket apps nor the "server"

Oh, I hadn't seen the line above. :-)

> - AFAICT the integration tests all pass when run individually in my
> IDE but almost all fail when run through maven.  I think that the
> ldap server is not being shut down or restarted properly so the
> second and following tests can connect to it.  I wonder if it would
> be practical to actually turn these into more of integration tests
> where a server is started, all the tests are run, then the server is
> shut down.  I have no idea how to start investigating this problem
> and I hope that someone who understands how the ldap server is being
> started and stopped can take a look at it.
> - The packages are still at safehaus.  I'd prefer they get changed to
> apache sooner rather than later in case there are problems, so we can
> start finding them.
> - There are now 3 java data models: in admin-api, guardian-api, and
> jacc.  This is too many, one or 2 should be plenty :-)
> - There are a bunch of unresolved problems that may or may not be
> important.  For instance, jacc has sets of unchecked and excluded
> permissions.  I've modelled these as roles..... I should actually
> model them as one role :-), but it has to be assigned to every user.
> Perhaps this could be done with a trigger?

We can do it with Triggers or with an Interceptor. Triplesec already
uses an interceptor for most of its integrity/automation requirements.
It may be extended or a new one for JACC can be written.

> Also, j2ee expects a set
> of roles to apply to an entire j2ee application, which is in the
> current triplesec model a set of applications in a realm.  It would
> be convenient to have something like assigning a role to a profile in
> all apps in a realm rather than doing it one app at a time.
> (renaming "app" to "context" would make this sentence a little
> clearer :-).  Also there may be some lifecycle issues since jacc
> expects that whenever you redeploy a j2ee app all the existing
> security info will be removed and you'll start over.  I think we can
> model this by removing all the permissions from all the roles but not
> deleting the roles (thus not breaking existing profiles) but I need
> to think about this some more.

As Triplesec is intented to be a generic AAA solution we need to
develop a stable core and then provide extra features for different
model requirements on layers above the core. For example, if
Application needs to be named as Context, JACC api can do the
conversion by using a Triplesec Application when it needs a Context.
(Well, I think Appplication needs to be renamed to Service :-) )

> So, I think I might be at the point where I can try integrating with
> geronimo and seeing if it can work in practice.  On the other hand I
> may well find I need more of an administrative interface to manage
> the users and their profiles.  Perhaps I can get around this with an
> appropriate ldif file.  Maybe an xml file format adapted to this
> stuff would be handy.

You may want to check the cool DSML thing we have at:

> It would be great if the other triplesec developers could review my
> changes before there are any significant changes in triplesec trunk.
> I'm hoping that we can all agree that something like what I've come
> up with is the way forward, fix the problems, and move it back to
> trunk.  I'm already worried about how long the sandbox branch has
> existed :-)

Alex is the man to do the main reviewing and I hope we'll get involved
in improving Triplesec soon!

> Happy New Year!
> many thanks
> david jencks



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