2007 Report #1

Hi guys ! This is 2007, and it's time for a new ISSUES report. 2006 saw the birth of 1.0.0, and we now have some new bugs as we also have new users. let's look at those nasty bugs we have :)

Gathered, all opened, In progress and Reopened Bugs, Improvments, New features, Task, Sub-tasks and Wishes are 187 :

Bugs : 33
Improvments : 47
New features : 82
Sub task : 1
Tasks : 18
Wishes : 6

Let's focus on bugs. Out of those 33 bugs, we have :
3 blockers
1 critical
20 majors
8 minors
1 trivial

Here are the blockers :
DIRSERVER-789 : (1.0.0) Alias names, OIDs an subtypes of requested attributes are ignored
DIRSERVER-782 : (1.0.0) Restart required after changing password (though I think it should not be considered as a blocker)
DIRSERVER-778 : (1.5.0) Entries cannot be named when mitosis is enabled.

The critical :
DIRSERVER-783: (1.0.0) Adding another value to an attribute results in the value to be added twice

The majors :
DIRSERVER-792 : (1.0.0) jpegPhoto attribute is returned as a String by SearchResultEntry
DIRSERVER-791 : ( 1.0.0) Some issues regarding attribute modification
DIRSERVER-788 : (1.0.0) Attribute names are being lowercased again instead of being returned AS-IS
DIRSERVER-787 : (1.0.0) ApacheDS tools should use the daemon classloader infrastructure to include jars in lib/
DIRSERVER-784 : (1.0.0) The server fails to handle subtree refinement membership references in entries upon object class changes
DIRSERVER-776 : (1.5.0) entryUUID only created when entries are added with Mitosis enabled
DIRSERVER-770 : (1.0.0) LDIF file import at startup fails
DIRSERVER-768 : (1.0.0) provide debug output in org.apache.directory.server.core.authn.AuthenticationService.checkAuthenticated()
DIRSERVER-766 : (1.0.0) uniqueMember attribute compare does not seem to work properly (uniqueMemberMatch is not implemented?)
DIRSERVER-759 : (1.0.0) object scope search on non-existant DN gives IllegalArgumentException: "Argument 'an_obj1' is null"
DIRSERVER-756 : (1.0.0) Problem with escaped comma in DN
DIRSERVER-755 : ( 1.0.0) Referrals returned as regular entries after server restart
DIRSERVER-730 : (1.0.0) init script fails due to missing commands "success" and "failure"
DIRSERVER-682 : (1.0.0) apacheds dump command - hangs very frequently
DIRSERVER-169 : (1.0.0) Incorrect SearchResult name and "compare" failure using CoreContextFactory
DIRSERVER-110 : (1.0.0) Allow administrators to change and set passwords for users

Some comments :
- DIRSERVER-782 is definitvely not a blocker. I'm not sure that it should not be considered as a Task, instead of a bug
- DIRSERVER-788 should be investigated. It's not really a bug per se, but this is annoying.
- DIRSERVER-770 needs to be investigated on a Windows(TM) machine. Anyone ?
- DIRSERVER-768 is pretty much an improvment, not a bug.
- DIRSERVER-759 has been tested against 1.5.0, but I'm pretty sure that we have the very same problem with 1.0.0
- DIRSERVER-682 is it still an issue? It was created against ADS 1.0 RC3 ...
- DIRSERVER-169 is in the field for almost one year now...

If I just select the 1.0 relative bugs, and remove the dubious bugs ( 782, 788, 768 and 682), we have 18 major, critical or blocking bugs. Not counting the fixes done since 1.0.0 is out - which are numerous !

Time for a 1.0.1, no ?

Emmanuel Lécharny