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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Installers] RPM Factory User Guide
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2007 17:45:29 GMT
Thanks a lot Ole !

I didn't had time to watch for you giant commits deeply, but in the last 
one (and I think it's the same for others), I noticed that you committed 
files and directories which should remain on your workspace, like :
and maybe a few other.

Those files should be automatically générated when runing mvn 
eclipse:evlipse, so it's better to exclude them from being exported.

This is easy : just create a svn:ignore property to your root sub-project :
svn propset svn:ignore (or something like that)

You can have a look at any subproject, we have such properties defined :
$ cd shared/ldap
$ svn propget svn:ignore

This will save a lot of space on the repo :)

PS: don't worry too much about this, we all have added files which 
should have been ignored ;)


Ole Ersoy a écrit :

> OK - I finished the RPM Factory User Guide and put it here:

> It's an eclipse documentation plugin so if you check it out:
> svn checkout

> just drop it into your eclipse plugins directory, restart eclipse, and 
> in the help center look for
> "RPM Factory User Guide"
> If you follow the recipes in the order they are listed, everything
> should work fine.
> Cheers,
> - Ole

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