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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Attributes manipulation] How to manipulate attributes inside the server
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2007 23:22:45 GMT
Ole Ersoy a écrit :

> Dang Man - What happen to short little digestible pieces of 
> information in each email?

Yerah, I'm aware this is quite a mail that make people vomit :)

> Can you please rewrite this in a few short summaries?

too lazzy, too late :)

> Just kidding   :-)

pfewwww ... Thought you were serious, this time ;)

> I'm getting a sense that this is going to be somewhat important for the
> LDAP DAS, so I'll review it a few times.  Since I'm reading it 
> carefully anyways,
> I might as well try to structure it more.

Well, after having wrote it, I felt like guilty. I just created a JIRA 
which sumarize the real problem :

> So if you feel like being lazy a little longer, I'll try to get it in 
> a nice html document.

Yes, that will help a lot. May be we should cut it in little chunks with 
rationnal beside each element.

Don't worry to much though, this is quite a reminder that something 
should be done. Like a postit ;)

Thanks anyway for the comments ! That's good to know that some peeps 
still are reading such insane mails ;)

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