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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: Felix is now a TLP
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 15:11:13 GMT
It may be beneficial to
do new features and OSGi migration
in parallel, this way new features
are already OSGi compliant, which
means less work migrating them later.

This applies especially with respect
to the reworked RPM installer, which
I think would work like this (And I think
the approach is similar for other ADS
services and features, except for the commons-daemon part):

Bundles need to be created out of all dependencies that ADS

Then the "main" server class that starts ADS needs a Bundle
Activator class that is specified in its manifest.
This class has start and stop methods, so all of ADS's initialization
would take place in start, and cleanup in stop.

It also needs "Import-Package" properties for all its
direct dependencies, and if services have a corresponding
service interface the "Export-Package" needs to be added
to the manifest as well.  The same goes for all other
ADS direct and transitive dependencies.

So commons daemon would first start the OSGi container,
the container would load all the services, and the daemon
would then call methods on Felix that start and stop
ADS via ADS's activator class.

- Ole

Chris Custine wrote:
> I think this depends on the roadmap features and whether OSGi will be of 
> benefit in implementing them in the short term.  In the long term, I 
> think modularizing with OSGi will be a great benefit to ApacheDS.  In 
> the short term, I think it might be somewhat of a distraction and 
> require too many major changes all at one time.  I think it could be 
> done this way, but I think my personal opinion of it would be to 
> implement a new round of features first and then work on OSGi after the 
> first round...
> Chris
> On 5/5/07, *Emmanuel Lecharny* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I know that the subject seems to be totally unrelated to ADS? but as a
>     matter of fact, we have a dependency on this project, for ADS to be
>     OSGi-able.
>     It leads to a problem for us as felix has exited the incubator
>     yesturday, and for those who have tried to svn up their current trunks,
>     it generates a failure.
>     It has now been fixed.
>     Now, we have discussed a lot about moving to OSGi, and it might be the
>     perfect timing to think again about moving to it.
>     wdyt ?
>     Emmanuel

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