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From Jo Jeeka <>
Subject Problems using Apache DS for Junit tests
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 20:21:03 GMT

After reading this page:
 I tried to set up my existing project with Junit
tests to be able to test my LDAP code.

First, I added 4 of the 5 JARs mentioned on the html
page I linked to above (the
apacheds-server-unit-1.0.1.jar I could not find).

Second, I found the file in
the source area (so I figured I no longer needed the
5th JAR file mentioned in the hml page linked above)
and added it to my project.  

Third, I kept getting errors that classes weren't
found (all stemming from the
file's needs) so I kept adding JARs to my eclipse
project (a screen shot of the JARs I needed are

Fourth, I finally made it through getting past class
def problems and then I get a java.lang.StringBuilder
NoClassDefFoundError.  I am using 1.4.2 and apparently
one of the includes (AttributeTypeAndValue.normalize
method) was written in Java 1.5.

Any suggestions on getting my Java 1.4.2 based project
unit testing the directory services code?


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