By trees—or might see as the masonry
Where does this all end? What is the vanishing
Dim, and die tonight?
The weight of being born into exile is lifted.
Snow haze gleams like sand.
to try that, to hold a terrifying beast
Dim, and die tonight?
Brush the lone giant in that somber pall.
And all at once it is the meadow I walked in at ten,
demonstrating their talent for comedy—stroke
A matter of getting all that right . . .
Across the heavens' gray.
Dreaming time has reversed—and you,
A rabbit carcass in its stiffened fur.
Choces, Mère and Père, undreaming even of fields
Merely a mockery of spring
At the white place of the road's vanishing
Pealing, it tries to fill the cold night air
Reshaping magnified, each risen flake