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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Community][News] OpenLDAP 2.4 is released
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2007 10:20:11 GMT
Howard Chu wrote:
> Ersin Er wrote:
>> Here is the announcement:
Congrat to OpenLdap guys !
>> FedoraDS 1.1 is also coming closer:
> Those Fedora guys are still hawking the myth that multimaster 
> replication means high write performance. To keep perpetuating that 
> lie just says they're totally destitute of moral integrity. (Not that 
> I'm biased or anything ;)
> And they still claim zero-downtime dynamic configuration, yet you 
> still need to restart their server whenever you change the SLAPI 
> plugin configuration. So much for truth in advertising.
> And OpenLDAP beats all of their scalability claims by at least an 
> order of magnitude on equivalent hardware.
> RedHat is just beating a dead horse. Pretty soon it's not even going 
> to twitch any more.
I don't exactly remember if RH forbid comparisons and benchmarks. I 
really found the one about AD/ADAM against OpenLdap : very impressive, 
and the "AD/ADAM features deficiencies" part is really helpfull. This is 
something we would want to put on a matrix somewhere on a web site, for 
sure ...

Thanks for the feedback, Howard!
>> It will be a HOT winter as ApacheDS 2.0 is also coming ;-)
Well, atm, it's -4°C in Paris, and I'm freezing ;) But ADS 2.0 is slowly 
cooking :)

Thanks Ersin !
cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny

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