I have spoken with a few people about checking out OpenInstaller in the past few weeks and I wanted to give a quick little bit of information.  I think the OpenInstaller project would be very cool for building up some consistent cross-platform installers using a single toolkit.  However, while I was reviewing the licensing of the dependencies this weekend, I realized that the packager embeds at least one LGPL product inside the installer package (primarily CHARVA which looks like the tool used to create text based installers).  This means that to ship installers based on this toolkit, we would be shipping LGPL libs embedded in the installer toolkit.  So at this point I am not sure if there is any point in continuing down that path, but if anyone has any opinions otherwise let me know.

The alternative for now is to continue to expand the current installers to additional specific platform packaging (Debian and Sun Pkg manager are frequently requested), which is something I was trying to help us avoid since maintenance and consistency of the packages requires a fair bit of time and interest, neither of which are in abundance.

I have started reviewing the current installers and should have some of the current issues cleaned up by next weekend, but I can't guarantee that I have the bandwidth to learn how to create the deb and Sun pkg installers any time soon so if anyone else wants to lend a hand with that it would be appreciated.