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From "Damjan Jovanovic" <>
Subject DHCP protocol
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:22:04 GMT

I'm glad to see that Apache DS does more than just LDAP, but I see
that the DHCP protocol implementation is very rudimentary - the code
in SVN trunk indicates is just a skeleton and I've been told nobody's
working on it any more.

Anyway I'm interested in improving the DHCP protocol and I've even
started writing some code, only to discover that there is no
"standard" DHCP schema and the one from the IETF drafts expired many
years ago. That schema also seems to make little sense, everything is
linked using attributes instead of structured in container
relationships, there is no documentation on how the objectclasses and
their attributes are supposed to be used, and it seems at best very
inefficient - allocating an IP address seems to require a linear
search through the list of dhcpLeases to find an unused one (for a /8
network, that's up to 16777216 comparisons).

I see there were some discussions earlier
( and
people were going to talk to the authors of that draft, any news on

Any suggestions on what I should do, try to implement the draft schema
as I understand it, or invent a new one?


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