Hi everyone,

The Apache Directory Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0 RC, the first major update of its Eclipse based LDAP Browser and Directory client.

Developed as a sub-project of the Directory Top Level Project, Apache Directory Studio is an Eclipse RCP application that takes full advantage of the benefits inherent in the Eclipse platform. Composed of several Eclipse (OSGi) plugins, Apache Directory Studio can be easily upgraded with additional plugins. Apache Directory Studio plugins can even run within a full installation of Eclipse itself.

Apache Directory Studio contains 5 major features:
* an LDAP Browser Plugin
* an LDIF Editor Plugin
* an ACI Editor Plugin for Apache Directory Server
* a Schema Editor Plugin
* an Apache DS Configuration Plugin

The LDAP Browser plugin now supports reorganizing connections inside folders in the  Connections View, a great improvement for grouping related connections together and keep the view clean. The Object Classes selection has been vastly improved when creating a new entry. Support for lowercased hash methods has also been added to the Password Editor.

The Schema Editor plugin has been improved by the addition of a hierarchical presentation to the Schema View, which displays the attribute types and object classes hierarchically.  It supports key bindings to launch several actions (e.g. "Open in Type Hierarchy") and is now bundled with OpenLDAP 'core' schemas.

The Apache DS Configuration Editor now support the configuration of the latest version (1.5.1) of Apache DS.

Aside from these majors new features, a certain number of bug has been fixed, which make this version the more stable release of Apache Directory Studio ever.

Below are the jira issues that were resolved for Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0 RC:
Release Notes - Directory Studio - Version 1.1.0

* [DIRSTUDIO-142] - Add SASL authentication

* [DIRSTUDIO-48] - Errors when help is open
* [DIRSTUDIO-95] - Not returning large queries
* [DIRSTUDIO-120] - 100% CPU when deleting thousands of entries
* [DIRSTUDIO-139] - Operational attributes not shown in the Entry Editor
* [DIRSTUDIO-152] - New entry creator does not know that 'dc' and 'domainComponent' is the same thing
* [DIRSTUDIO-154] - Studio getting slower and slower on bulk operations
* [DIRSTUDIO-161] - Unable to enter Base DN ending in 'dc='
* [DIRSTUDIO-166] - LDif Import changetype: modify add attribute attrId is not case insensitive
* [DIRSTUDIO-184] - Error while reading entry in Active Directory
* [DIRSTUDIO-191] - Connection Name mess up if it contains non-ascii chars
* [DIRSTUDIO-196] - Error dialog displayed after Problems View is closed
* [DIRSTUDIO-197] - Following referrals throws NPE
* [DIRSTUDIO-198] - Search string is not working properly with metacharacters (*, +...)
* [DIRSTUDIO-201] - Project Name mess up if it contains non-ascii chars
* [DIRSTUDIO-203] - Help contexts of LDAP Browser does not display in the Dynamic Help window
* [DIRSTUDIO-204] - Warning displayed when showing the properties of a connection
* [DIRSTUDIO-205] - Windows installer's publisher is set to "Unknown Publisher"
* [DIRSTUDIO-206] - Browse does not work in subtree editor base selection
* [DIRSTUDIO-210] - Filter parser accepts bad filters
* [DIRSTUDIO-211] - Connections window doesn't display swedish characters properly
* [DIRSTUDIO-213] - NullPointerException raised when selecting an OC with no alias as a superior in the NewObjectClassWizard
* [DIRSTUDIO-214] - IllegalArgumentException raised when selecting an AT with no alias as superior in the NewAttributeTypeWizard
* [DIRSTUDIO-217] - Eclipse 3.3 New Connections shows "Browser Options" without possibility to add new address
* [DIRSTUDIO-220] - lowercase {crypt} in userPassword is an "Unsupported Hash Method"
* [DIRSTUDIO-222] - Pb when creating an entry with an invalid atribute as a RDN
* [DIRSTUDIO-223] - NullPointerException raised when adding values in the New Entry Wizard
* [DIRSTUDIO-224] - Can't Open Schema View with JDK 6.0
* [DIRSTUDIO-226] - Attribute Type Description is not imported when reading an OpenLDAP schema file
* [DIRSTUDIO-230] - Locate Dn in DIT Action does not work well
* [DIRSTUDIO-233] - Browsing base DN returns [LDAP: error code 10 - Referral]
* [DIRSTUDIO-235] - Non ASCII characters are not rendered properly in the LDAP Browser View when label is limited to a certain number of characters
* [DIRSTUDIO-239] - No error message when importing a bad schema
* [DIRSTUDIO-242] - Inconsistent state of the Entry Editor after using "New Value" (or "New Attribute...") and pressing "Escape".
* [DIRSTUDIO-243] - Modified value of Equality Matching Rule in the AttributeTypeEditor is not saved
* [DIRSTUDIO-245] - Apache DS Configuration Plugin cannot parse server.xml file correctly
* [DIRSTUDIO-247] - Don't use implicit ManageDsaIT control magic of JNDI
* [DIRSTUDIO-249] - Modification Logs view does not display request controls, if sent to the server
* [DIRSTUDIO-250] - Unable to load entries if RDN is quoted and contains unescaped comma
* [DIRSTUDIO-252] - Advanced value editors don't work in NewEntryWizard
* [DIRSTUDIO-253] - cant open server.xml with directory studio
* [DIRSTUDIO-258] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when changing Base DN
* [DIRSTUDIO-259] - NPE when trying to turn back on "save password" on connection properties
* [DIRSTUDIO-261] - LDAP Browser shows same root objects two times under Root DSE
* [DIRSTUDIO-264] - ldif parser doesn't accept attributes with empty values
* [DIRSTUDIO-267] - Clicking on a bookmark loops and does not display attributes
* [DIRSTUDIO-269] - Attributes not displayed when browsing BEA Weblogic embedded LDAP

* [DIRSTUDIO-37] - Improve authentication methods and security mechanisms
* [DIRSTUDIO-119] - Allow user to disabled the Modification logs windows
* [DIRSTUDIO-123] - Refactor IConnection interface and Connection class
* [DIRSTUDIO-136] - Remove the "Apache DS" menu from the Java Perspective
* [DIRSTUDIO-138] - Add visual feedback to the user, if SSL (ldaps) is enabled
* [DIRSTUDIO-156] - useability improvement: when exporting an OU use the applied filter by default
* [DIRSTUDIO-187] - Add the ability to organize connections in folders
* [DIRSTUDIO-189] - Replace connection combo-box with BrowserConnectionWidget
* [DIRSTUDIO-195] - Add key bindings to the Schema Editor
* [DIRSTUDIO-199] - Add scopes for OC and AT in search
* [DIRSTUDIO-200] - Add an OC and AT hierarchical global view
* [DIRSTUDIO-202] - Add help contexts to the help plugin of the Schema Editor
* [DIRSTUDIO-216] - Improve Type Hierarchy View
* [DIRSTUDIO-221] - Improve Object Class selection in the New Entry Wizard
* [DIRSTUDIO-227] - Add the ability to select OpenLDAP schema files as core schemas when creating a project
* [DIRSTUDIO-237] - It would be good to be able to import 'core' schemas into an existing project
* [DIRSTUDIO-238] - Automatically add an alias when the 'ok' button is selected
* [DIRSTUDIO-240] - Memorize the last import's path
* [DIRSTUDIO-251] - Replace the Text Widget for the OID in the new AT and OC wizards by a Drop-Down Combo with history of the last used OIDs
* [DIRSTUDIO-254] - schema import does not provide error reporting when parsing schema file
* [DIRSTUDIO-257] - Use system small fonts on Mac OS X
* [DIRSTUDIO-275] - Import/Export wizards should display an error if no Schema Project is open

New Feature
* [DIRSTUDIO-192] - Add an extension point in the Schema Editor for SchemaConnectors
* [DIRSTUDIO-193] - Add the abitilty to import/export the Schema from/to a directory Server
* [DIRSTUDIO-194] - Add a SchemaConnector for Apache Directory Server
* [DIRSTUDIO-246] - Add support for simulated renaming of non-leaf entries
* [DIRSTUDIO-248] - Add support for simulated moving of non-leaf entries

* [DIRSTUDIO-218] - Some packages are not signed
* [DIRSTUDIO-225] - Update documentation for Schema Editor Plugin
* [DIRSTUDIO-229] - Replace internal DN/RDN/RDNPart with LdapDN/Rdn/ATAV of shared-ldap
* [DIRSTUDIO-236] - Update the Apache DS Configuration plugin to work with the server.xml file of Apache DS 1.5.1
* [DIRSTUDIO-265] - Migrate our build system from Ant+Ivy to Maven

Apache Directory Team