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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Toward 1.5.5 release...
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2008 13:03:48 GMT
Hi guys,

the last released version (1.5.4) has been delivered on sept, 7th. We 
are close to the end of november, that's more than tow months since we 
released it. I think it's time to get 1.5.5 out, at least, to work on 
such a release during the next few weeks. Hopefully, this release can be 
done within a month.

There is a lot to do in order to get this release out. Bugs, 
improvements, and tasks. But we also have some new features to implement.

Let's get the bug list first :

Release Notes - Directory ApacheDS - Version 1.5.5

[DIRSERVER-1102]  Enable aliases to entries in other partitions
[DIRSERVER-1238]  Move to MINA 2.0 where we can make a bigger impact 
with the networking code


[DIRSERVER-257] : [Access Control] Autonomous areas for AC must not overlap
[DIRSERVER-776] : entryUUID only created when entries are added with 
Mitosis enabled
[DIRSERVER-803] : Creating an alias from a child entry to the ancestor 
causes an error (return code 36)
[DIRSERVER-849] : Lacking atomicity for modify operations on schema subentry
[DIRSERVER-894] : Older concurrent changes are never replicated
[DIRSERVER-999] : rangeOfValues protedtedItem should not be applicable 
in Entry scope
[DIRSERVER-1000] : The filter of the rangeOfValues protectedItem should 
be evaluated on only the single attribute, not the whole entry
[DIRSERVER-1098] : New replicas may never be synchronised
[DIRSERVER-1101] : New replicas may never receive some recent modifications
[DIRSERVER-1106] : Hot partition removal leaves server in inconsistent 
state (removal is buggy)
[DIRSERVER-1137] : getAttributes( nm, null ) returns empty Attributes if 
replication enabled?
[DIRSERVER-1139] : Loop detected on ldapcompare
[DIRSERVER-1161] : search results are not streamed to the client until 
final done response is queued
[DIRSERVER-1173] : Delete operation with a PersistentSearch returns the 
deleted entry
[DIRSERVER-1199] : Improperly named/missing getter/setter for Registries 
[DIRSERVER-1201] : Interceptors not working (XBean)
[DIRSERVER-1203] : RFC2307bis Support is missing
[DIRSERVER-1226] : Search request causing schema exception on 
apacheHierarchy attribute type which was probably renamed
[DIRSERVER-1231] : Some operation can't be reverted with a single 
reverseLdif element
[DIRSERVER-1240] : After binding using NTLM, cannot query if 
AllowAnonymousAccess is off
[DIRSERVER-1250] : An error (noSuchObject - code32) should be raised 
when trying to delete an entry that does not exist
[DIRSERVER-1252] : Server tools dump command broken due to use of old paths
[DIRSERVER-1276] : unescaping binary string corrupts values
[DIRSERVER-1278] : Error while trying to create new partition
[DIRSERVER-1279] : kerberos test failing on IBM JDK
[DIRSERVER-1281] : StreamCorruptedException after brutal shutdown
[DIRSERVER-1286] : Windows service always created with default 
installation path
[DIRSERVER-1289] : NTP/KDC not starting


[DIRSERVER-289] : Configure an optional password message digest 
algorithm which is applied on userPassword attribute values at add and 
modify operations.
[DIRSERVER-639] : allow to run ldaps only
[DIRSERVER-649] : transport explanations in NamingExceptions why 
searches fail back to the client
[DIRSERVER-775] : By default ApacheDS with Mitosis should configure 
indices for entryDeleted, entryCSN and entryUUID
[DIRSERVER-840] : Double modification on a modify ?
[DIRSERVER-874] : Entries should be normalized in the NormalizationService
[DIRSERVER-899] : Support centralized password policy enforcement
[DIRSERVER-997] : Block search ability for userPassword attribute
[DIRSERVER-1048] : Need to improve LDIF load procedures
[DIRSERVER-1097] : Only send net changes during replication
[DIRSERVER-1122] : Limit the number of messages sent but not yet 
[DIRSERVER-1210] : Make the core-plugin (schema) generating mojo produce 
schema constants file
[DIRSERVER-1247] : removing unrequired escaping in DNs / filters
[DIRSERVER-1248] : rc.d init script to default to &quot;default&quot; 
[DIRSERVER-1271] : Inject the modified entry into the OpContext
[DIRSERVER-1280] : make server connection backlog configurable
[DIRSERVER-1282] : Unit testing documentation is out of date
[DIRSERVER-1288] : put apacheds-server-unit-1.5.4.jar dependencies into 

New Features

[DIRSERVER-434] : Add Support for Paged Search Results Control
[DIRSERVER-880] : Provide Kerberos client
[DIRSERVER-887] : provide remote access info (memnonic name and ip) to 
complement audit trail info
[DIRSERVER-898] : Support Kerberos key provisioning (export)
[DIRSERVER-949] : Add support for LDAP URLs in context searches
[DIRSERVER-992] : Define new schema objects for Stored Procedure handling
[DIRSERVER-1030] : Add CascadeControl and add functionality to cascade 
modify and delete effects
[DIRSERVER-1186] : Trace control and request level logging
[DIRSERVER-1217] : Binds with referrals can be used for delegated 
[DIRSERVER-1246] : Add shell scripts and batch files for clients
[DIRSERVER-1259] : Make the userPassword not searchable from the outside
[DIRSERVER-1260] : Add a protection agains DoS attacks
[DIRSERVER-1261] : Add some CL tools to rebuild indices
[DIRSERVER-1262] : Add a Jetty container
[DIRSERVER-1263] : Add authz schema
[DIRSERVER-1264] : Add extended operations to reverting
[DIRSERVER-1265] : Add support for VLV control


[DIRSERVER-811] : Make schema bootstrap code disregard deleted entries
[DIRSERVER-1057] : Misplaced StoreProcedure packages
[DIRSERVER-1207] : Decouple DNS, Kerberos, and ChangePW, and Shared 
protocol from core-jndi
[DIRSERVER-1218] : Investigate the altered lookup() (returns empty 
entries) does not cause issues
[DIRSERVER-1233] : Add some unit tests for the CoreSession class

This is an overall of 70 opened issues, out of which 28 are bugs (2 
blockers, 23 majors,  2 minors and a single trivial).

I suggest we start working on the release now, and get a weekly report 
produced to inform everyone about the progression.

Just feel free to pick an issue, and to work on it, there are enough of 
them to feed our free time ;)

Thanks !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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