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I was working with 1.5.4, but I'm now trying with the 1.5.5 source.  I made
the fix to set the package name, but now I am getting this stack trace:
Ok, nothing serious. Just do that :

cd apacheds/bootstrap-partition
mvn clean install

and it will work.

This DBFILES file is containing all the LDAP elements needed to bootstrap the server (the metabase), but sadly, if you simply build the server, then do a mvn eclipse:eclipse, this file is wipped out.

To summarize, if you want to build ADS :
- goto your root project (you will have the apacheds, shared, project, daemon  and install subdirectories there)
- mvn clean install
- mvn eclipse:eclipse
- cd apacheds/bootstrap-partition
- mvn clean install

that's it !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny

I believe my issue is that there is something going on with how resources are loaded by the custom classloader I'm using.  If I put the resource files into the system/server classloader, things work.  I've putting this on the back burner for now due to other issues.  Thanks for the ideas.