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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [server.xml] Discussion
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 10:23:19 GMT
Hi guys,

as we are working on 1.5.5 release (it's now a question of a few weeks, 
as we are processing the bug list ), it may be the good timing to 
discuss about the content of the server.xml file.

We have changed it a lot since 1.5.0, and it's pretty difficult for our 
users, and for those of us who try to document it, to follow the pac eof 
modifications ...

There a a few important questions that come to mind :
- will the file change a lot since 2.0 ?
- what are the modifications done between version N and version N+1
- is there a place the users can have a complete description about this 
configuration file ?
- how does this translate when embedding the server ?

My main concern is about the documentation, and also about Studio 
integration (as each new version of this file implies a new version of 
Studio, as we have a plugin to manage this configuration there).

Currently, I have a few clues about some of those questions, plus some 

- Modifications to come

As we will have to review the replication system, which is not 
documented atm, it's pretty clear that we will have to modify the 
server.xml file to deal with replication. Hopefully, this is an isolate 
part of the configuration, so I'm not too worried about that.
MINA 2 migration will impact the file a lot. We have added numerous 
parameters, and removed the Datagram & Socket beans, replaced by direct 
configurations into the different servers, but it might not be the 
perfect idea. Tjis has to be discussed.
We also have to work on a failover mechanism, based on a journalized 
system (probably), and it will need some configuration too.

So far, this is what comes to my mind currently, but this might be partial.

- Modifications already done

Someone has to parse the different releases to check for those 
modifications :/ This is not that complicated, but it means checking the 
.xsd files and compares them. Now, the question is : is this usefull ? I 
guess this is something we _must_ provide when releasing a version ...

- Documentation 
is the starting point. It has to be updated, and I'm afraid that it has 
to be updated for each release...
The problem is that those who wrote this documentation are sadly not 
those who butchered the configuration. I guess that a minimal effort 
from the developpers is needed to keep this page (and the following) 
updated, or at least, deliver a release note where the new configuration 
file is explained, otherwise this will be a never ending story for the 
poor guys who try their best to keep this doco updated...

I have no clear solution atm, but I would be very interested in having 
your opinion on this matter. So feel free to comment this mail !

Thanks !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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