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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Shared modifications impact on studio and ads
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 00:37:19 GMT
Felix Knecht a écrit :
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> On 21.01.2010 01:15, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> Hi,
>> today, Felix fixed some open JIRA on Shared, renaming Rdn to RDN. It's
>> fine, but this has some deep impact on the server, 
> Sorry about that :(
No, it was the right move. I was expecting such a problem, and this is 
why I was lazzy anough to differ the renaming :)
> as we depend on a
>> shared SNAPSHOT.
>> At some point, we may want to decouple the server from the shared
>> snapshots to avoid having hundreds of compilation failures in ADS (or in
>> Studio).
>> Studio ha ssolved that by pointing on stable release of Shared, and I
>> think we must do that on ADS too.
> Yes, we should do so. I remember a discussion on the maven dev list,
> when they started to clean up their snapshot repository. There's also a
> policy somewhere saying that snapshots older than x days may be removed
> from the repository. This may lead into the situation that a snapshot
> dependency isn't available anymore when somebody does a new checkout of
> the project and wants to build it or when you dropped your local .m2
> repository.
We are lucky enough to have the possibility to regenerate the SNAPSHOT 
when needed, as we just have to build the top level project.
> Having snapshot dependencies to foreign artifacts (not of the own
> project as a module) may cause problems some day ...
>> It may mean more release on Shared, but I think it's a good choice.
> Yep
Let's try to see what are the consequences of such a change by the end 
of this week then.

Emmanuel Lécharny

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