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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject trunk is back to normal !
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2010 01:05:53 GMT
Hi guys,

this is it :

After a full week of effort, we get back to a normal situation where the 
trunk builds. As usual, the initial estimation (1 day to refactor the 
Exceptions) was grossly underestimated, but anyway, we can be happy that 
it didn't last 2 months :)

I would like to thank Kiran, without him, this effort would have taken 
way more time. It was not funny everyday, but as we were waiting for the 
release to be completed, we had time to work on such a big refactoring 
at the same time.

That gives me the opportunity to thank Pierre-Arnaud who did a great job 
releasing the server today.

So we not only have a trunk building, but also a 1.5.6 server available, 
a shared-0.9.18 version, and last, not least, a very first version of 
the new Ldap API, 0.1.0 !

Guys, you did a great job this week. Well, as usual :-)

I think I don't have to mention the fact that this achievement is of 
course the result of many other contributions, so thank to Stefan (S and 
Z), Felix, of course - we all have to realise that Felix has been a 
MAJOR contributor to the build system this last year, and on many less 
than funny tasks like moving all the error messages into i18n projects - 
and also Alex who is still around, keeping all together and on track !

Pfewww, guys, I'm really, really pleased today !

PS : no need to pat me on the back, I'm also congratulating myself :) 
Who else will do, otherwise ? ;)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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