Great job guys this is a true advance!

On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 2:29 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

last year, I started an experiment in labs@apache.org, the Mavibot MVCC
Btree. It has reached a first step, we can now use it as a backend for
ApacheDS, thanks to Kiran - who joined me on the Mavibot effort, making
it stable enough to be used in ApacheDS).

This morning, I conducted some performance tests, comparing JDBM and
Mavibot on a 10K entries base :


Mavibot 10K entries
Add : 80s, 125/s
Search : 7392/s

Jdbm 10k entries
Add : 167s, 59/s
Search : 654/s


Mavibot 10K entries
Add : 85s, 117/s
Search : 1802/s

Jdbm 10k entries
Add : 176s, 56/s
Search : 506/s

As we can see, either on CoreSession, or through the network, the gain
over JDBM is really clear. It's ten time faster.

So this vote to integrate Mavibot as a Directory Subproject, in order to
be able to release it and use it as our base backend in a near future.
It's not feature complete yet, but the core BTree already works.

So let's vote :
[ ] +1 : make Mavibot a Directory Subproject
[ ] +/-0 : I don't mind
[ ] -1 : No, Mavibot should not become a Directory subproject

Thanks !

and of course, my +1

Emmanuel Lécharny

Best Regards,
-- Alex