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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: LdapConnectionTemplate
Date Tue, 13 May 2014 03:38:30 GMT
Hi Lucas,

I took a bit of time looking at the LdapTemplate implementation. First
thing, it's neat. The code is formatted, the Javadoc is mostly present
(only a few public methods javadoc are lacking AFAICT, like the
ModelFactory interface, this is better than a lot of the classes we have in
the server :-) Btw, what we currently do is to add the following Javadoc
for methods implementing an interface's method :

     * {@inheritDoc}

That helps those looking at the code as they know where to look for the

As a core LDAP developper, I'm not sure that I will ever use this class,
but I see the benefit a user make, especially for the search/lookup
methods. For the other use case, like add or delete, it's less visible,
except that the user will not have to take care of the connection
management (moving back the connection to the poll).

Overall, great and useful addition !

I guess that we will need to add some pages in the user guide now ;-)
(well, the API user guide needs a hell lot of love, we have very little atm

Thanks a lot !

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