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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: LdapNetworkConnection.unBind
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 07:59:46 GMT
Le 25/07/2014 08:42, Ludovic Poitou a écrit :
> Hi Lucas,
> Read the LDAP RFC. That’s what is says about Unbind:
> The function of the Unbind operation is to terminate an LDAP session.
>    The Unbind operation is not the antithesis of the Bind operation as
>    the name implies.  The naming of these operations are historical.
>    The Unbind operation should be thought of as the "quit" operation.

Thanks, Ludovic.

for clarity, the important chapter is 5.3, which clarifies what happens
when one close a LDAP session :

      5.3 <>. Termination
      of the LDAP session

   Termination of the LDAP session is typically initiated by the client
   sending an UnbindRequest (Section 4.3 <>),
or by the server sending a
   Notice of Disconnection (Section 4.4.1 <>).
 In these cases, each
   protocol peer gracefully terminates the LDAP session by ceasing
   exchanges at the LDAP message layer, tearing down any SASL layer,
   tearing down any TLS layer, and closing the transport connection.

   A protocol peer may determine that the continuation of any
   communication would be pernicious, and in this case, it may abruptly
   terminate the session by ceasing communication and closing the
   transport connection.

   In either case, when the LDAP session is terminated, uncompleted
   operations are handled as specified in Section 3.1 <>.

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