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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject [Fortress] UnboundID replacement plan
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2014 07:43:42 GMT
Hi !

as we decided to replace the UnboundId API by the Apache Ldap API, we
have a bit of work to do, and we need a plan for that.

1) API selection
Currently, Fortress uses the two APIs, though some configuration that
tells which one to use. We can now get rid of this configuration and
remove completely the classes that uses the UID API. We typically have
classes for the 2 libs :

o UnboundIdDataProvider
o ApacheDsDataProvider

Those two classes are doing the exact same thing, and are the base for
many other classes (the DAO : AcceleratorDAO, AdminRoleDAO, AuditDAO,
ConfigDAO, OrgUnitDAO, PermDAO, PolicyDAO, RoleDAO, SdDAO, UserDAO). We
have to inherit from the ApacheDsDataProvider for all those classes now.

2) DAO romoval

As we had two data provider, we also had two classes for each DAO, one
per data provider. We can now get rid of the UID DAO, which are in

3) DAO Interface removal
It would make sense to also get rid of the DAO interfaces, if we are to
use only one single implementation. We could just merge the interface
and the classes.

That should be an easy task, as we won't have a lot to do to have it
working : the Fortress code is already able to handle those two APIs.
There are only one thing we have to troubleshoot, and it's related to
the passwordPolicy management. I don't exactly remember what's the
problem, but from the top of my head, it's just that the Apache LDAP API
doesn't have a way to define the attributeType which will store the
password. That might requires a sligth modification in the Apache LDAP API.

Now, it's just a part of the whole story. The other big task is to
complete the "mavenization" of the code, but I'll write another mail for
this task...

Please feel fee to comment !

Thanks !

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