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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [Mavibot] Status
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2015 15:30:20 GMT
Le 03/03/15 19:50, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
> A quick update...
> I was not able to work too much on mavibot those last two weeks. Still,
> some progress has ben made last week-end :
> - first, DIRSERVER_2047 has been investigated deeply. It was really
> problematic, as the browsefrom(K) method was producing various NPE and
> wrong result. It took long to get it fixed. We have to thank Lin Zhao
> for having been patient and helpful to get the pb fixed
> - second, I ran a quick performance test to see what's going on.
> Browsing a B-tree with 500 keys, each one of them having 9 values (which
> resolves to a sub-btree), after having positionned the cursor before a
> key from 0 to 499 took 9 seconds, and 23 seconds when browsing backward.
> It was a bit slow, considering we are fetching 500 * 250 tuples (500
> iterations, for an average of half the tuples being fetched). That was
> around 14 000 tuples get per second.
> So I profiled the test. I as surprised to see that we were deserializing
> many many keys and values, which was not expected, as we have a cache.
> After a bit of analysis, I saw that we were missing the cache many
> times. There was one reason for that : the cache size was set to 1 !!!
> As soon as I set it to the default value (ie 1000), it took only 2.7
> seconds to browse forward and 3.8 to browse backward, with no cache miss !
> Those two changes make me think we should release now. The next steps
> will be to move back the CPB btree, and manage the free pages.
> More to come later ...
Ok, some more, but bad news...

at some point, the file can get corrupted. Typically, the free page list
is cycling, leading to a quick OOM. This has to be investigated.

I suspect that concurrent reads and writes are causing this issue, which
would mean the btree is not protected against concurrent writes.

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