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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Apache Directory and SCIM
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2015 12:30:55 GMT
Le 22/04/15 12:28, Steve Moyer a écrit :
> I think we've spent enough time rehashing the past ... 


> let me just say
> that I think things would have gone a lot differently if there'd been an
> easy way to provide a repository branch for us to check code into. 
Sadly, this is not the way it works at The ASF. Let me tell you though
that it would have been a matter of two weeks to proceed with the
original injection of the code 2 years ago.

>  On
> the other hand, I can certainly understand why you don't want to change
> your infrastructure every time someone pops into the IRC channel - SVN
> doesn't make it so easy to limit permissions and you probably see a
> hundred people a month come by then disappear (like I seemed to do).
We now have git, too, and that makes it extra easy to inject code,
keeping the full history.

But it's also a matter of voting in the new committer. We are pretty
liberal about this, it's just a vote. Serioulsy, this is really a
limited task, with a few paperwork :
- we vote the proposal and the committer(s)
- if the vote is positive, then the new committer(s) are required to
fill a ICLA or a CCLA (if they are working for a company)
- once the I/CCLA has been received and registred, the account is requested
- when the account is created, we assign the correct rights and we are done.

Since 2013, the process is even faster, and I would say that it can be
done in 3 to 5 days, max.

> I'm also not debating the use of the work forked ... just pointing out
> that Kiran and I decided *together* our approaches, while both valid
> ways to tackle the problem, were not compatible enough to live in one
> project.  There was a reason we went looking for an OSS Java-based SCIM
> project ... we can chat on IRC in a couple hours (once I'm in the office).
I think that it would be a good idea to expose the difference of both
approaches. I can understand you have a slightly divergence from the
spec, and that it makes it a different beast, while Kiran deicded to
stick to the specs (AFAIU), but pease, feel free to correct me if I am

I'm quite sure that Kiran - or any one of us ! - would be pleased to see
a better version of what we are working on to replace what we are
currently coding : I do think that pride should never be a criterium
when it comes to code.
> Assuming Shawn (my boss) still wants to push forward with Apache
> Directory, there is the issue of having two SCIM implementations in one
> project ... I guess the value propositions of each would need to be
> clearly stated?  
Absolutely. For those of us (and that includes me) who are not knees
deep into SCIM, that would be extremely helpful.

> I'd like to see wide-spread SCIM adoption, so we
> certainly don't want to spread any confusion.


Thanks Steve !

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