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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Authenticator selection
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 14:58:18 GMT
Le 23/04/15 14:54, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
> Le 22/04/15 19:08, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
>> Le 22/04/15 18:31, Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
>>> +1 to your suggestion.
>>> And please remove the AuthenticationInterceptorTest I added yesterday,
>>> probably it doesn't make too much sense.
>> Will do.
> Done.
> It's slightly more complex, as we may have more than one authenticator
> that may be selected. In this case, I use the one which baseDN is the
> ascendant of the Bind DN, and the deepest one in any case.
I forgot to mention that I moved the ads-delegatedBaseDn attributeType
which was in the delegatingAuthenticator to the Authenticator
ObjectClass (renamed it ads-baseDn).

It also impacts the Bean classes (the one used to create the server).

All in all, not really a simple modification, but not something complex.

Bottom line, all the Authenticator will have a baseDn from which they
will be activated (the default being the emtpty DN).

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