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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [Studio] Status update and release preparation
Date Tue, 26 May 2015 23:25:34 GMT
Le 27/05/15 00:50, Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
> Hi all,
> yet another status update on Studio.
> From my perspective the major issues after Tycho build migration are
> resolved and we can start with replease preparation.
> * The UI looks fine now, unwanted items are hidden
> * NLS (en, fr, de) works again
> * UI tests are quite stable (Linux, Mac, Windows) and also run on Jenkins
> * New update mechanism works locally, further tests need to be done
> during release
> * Legal files and license headers are fixed.
> * We have stable API (1.0.0-M30) and ApacheDS (2.0.0-M20) to use

Great job, Stefan !
> There are stil 15 unresolved isses for 2.0.0-M9, I think most of them
> (especially OpenLDAP configuration) can be postponed?
> Those are the issues we should fix:
> * DIRSTUDIO-1038: Dispose the various* objects

I can work on that one. Not all of those* classes need to
be disposed :

Color        -> dispose()
DeviceData   -> no
Image        -> dispose()
ImageData    -> no
ImageLoader  -> no
Font         -> dispose()
FontData     -> no
FontMetric   -> no
GC           -> dispose()
Point        -> no
Rectangle    -> no
RGB          -> no
> * DIRSTUDIO-1014: Cannot remove the 'finished operations' in the
> progress pan
> The update of help plugins content I'd suggest to postpone ;)
> * DIRSTUDIO-1008: Update and cleanup help plugins
> Then finally I'll work on those and try to make the release:
> * DIRSTUDIO-1024: Define release process
> * DIRSTUDIO-1023: Generate P2 repository / update site
> Are there any other blockers?
Not that I know.

> I'll also go through Jira and update/close issues that are probably
> fixed with Luna (Crashes with Linux GTK and Yosemite).

Thanks !

FTR, I'm making progress on the OpenLDAP configuration plugin :
- I now have a common Table widget in common.ui that I can use for many
multi-value attributes
- The OpenLdap Tuning page is almost completed, with 4 sections :
network, Index limits, Ldap limits and concurrency parameters
- The Overview page is done : it allows users to configure some basic
elements (ServerID, config dir, Log level and directory, pid file) and
have some links on the other pages

What remains to be done is :
- migrate the Security related attributes which are currently in the
Options page to the Security page
- Add an Overlay page to provide some configuration elements for
existing overlays
- review the Database page

and more important :
- review the ACL widget
- check that we can work with a configuration directory, and not only
with a connected remote server
- add a way to check the modified configuration before injecting it into
a remote server (some parameters are to be injected before some others,
othewise we would get a failure). In any case, we should be able to push
the complete configuration, or nothing.

Anyway, all those changes will be injected in the next revision, not
this one.

Thanks Stefan!
> Kind Regards,
> Stefan

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