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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject [Studio] OpenLDAP config editor status
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2015 10:28:25 GMT
Hi guys,

a quick heads up on what's going on for the OpenLDAP Config editor,
which is scheduled for the next Studio release

o The global configuration design is almsot completed. There are now 4
of the 6 pages that are working :
- 'overview' which deal with general parameters
- 'database' was already working fine
- 'security' has just been completed. It covers all the general security
parameters (SASL, TLS, and a few other parameters)
- 'Tuning' is completed. It covers the parameters that can be tuned
(limits, concurrency, indexes...)

o The Options page has to be added, it covers 15 parameters (currently,
only 4 are covered)

o Some issue has to be fixed when we try to save the config. This is due
to some delta being computed with some modify being sent when they
should not. I will review the full process this week. Hopefully, I'll
get something working soon.

Next steps :

o Have a way to save the configuration into a LDIF file, if we are not
connected to an OpenLDAP server
o Have a way to read the configuration from a LDIF file, if we are not
connected to an OpenLDAP server
o Check the Databases configuration. There are missing parameters
o Check the Overlays configuration. A dedicated page has to be added for
o ACLs editor should be accessible in the configuration

Wishes :

o It would be good to be able to save a configuration locally, to be
able to revert to it if necessary (à la SVN)
o A delta between two configurations would be good to have then
o A defautt configuration should exist, so that we can revert back to it

Lot's of thing to do, as you can see, but still, good progress too.

Thanks !

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