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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [Studio] OpenLDAP config editor status
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2015 22:32:15 GMT
Le 11/06/15 22:19, Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
> On 06/11/2015 12:28 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> a quick heads up on what's going on for the OpenLDAP Config editor,
>> which is scheduled for the next Studio release
>> o The global configuration design is almsot completed. There are now 4
>> of the 6 pages that are working :
>> - 'overview' which deal with general parameters
>> - 'database' was already working fine
>> - 'security' has just been completed. It covers all the general security
>> parameters (SASL, TLS, and a few other parameters)
>> - 'Tuning' is completed. It covers the parameters that can be tuned
>> (limits, concurrency, indexes...)
> Phew, this is so much boilerplate code to create all the sections and
> widgets and to listen to modifications and do verifications etc. I
> didn't implement such editors since years, but wonder if there are
> simpler (or elegant) ways like automatic data binding between the model
> and UI elements.

I thought about it - and Pierre-Arnaud before me ;-) -. It's not easy.
There are a few things to consider :

- parameters are stored as attributes, and attributes may be Single
Value (SV) or Multiple-Value (MV)
- if they are MV, we need a table to represente them, but some MV AT are
ordered, some other aren't
- if they are SV, this is not the end of the story : it can store more
than one value, like for the SizeLimit or TimeLimit attributes, which
can be a complex string
- we want to ease the configuration for users, using combo for things
that are well known (paswwordHash, for instance)

etc, etc. Bottom line, many parameters are simple, and can be coded
quickly, but complex ones are a real pain and any binding would be complex.
>> o The Options page has to be added, it covers 15 parameters (currently,
>> only 4 are covered)
>> o Some issue has to be fixed when we try to save the config. This is due
>> to some delta being computed with some modify being sent when they
>> should not. I will review the full process this week. Hopefully, I'll
>> get something working soon.
> Not sure if this is helpful, or if they can be combined, but we have 3
> code parts the compute diffs of entires:
> * PartitionsDiffComputer in openldap.config.editor

I'm using this one. I simplified and fixed it (typically, detecting a
deletion requires that all the children get deleted too, *before* the
> * PartitionsDiffComputer in apacheds.config

I think it's a duplicate of the other one (or the other way out).

We can most certainly merge the two.
> * Utils.computeDiff() in ldapbrowser.core

This can certainly be used as a replacement fo what we do in the two
other impls.
>> Next steps :
>> ------------
>> o Have a way to save the configuration into a LDIF file, if we are not
>> connected to an OpenLDAP server
>> o Have a way to read the configuration from a LDIF file, if we are not
>> connected to an OpenLDAP server
>> o Check the Databases configuration. There are missing parameters
>> o Check the Overlays configuration. A dedicated page has to be added for
>> that
>> o ACLs editor should be accessible in the configuration
>> Wishes :
>> --------
>> o It would be good to be able to save a configuration locally, to be
>> able to revert to it if necessary (à la SVN)
> Two ideas:
> * We can include jgit/egit into Studio, that is a full git
> implementation in Java and for Eclipse

Not a bad idea.
> * If Mavibot would support transactions/versions this may also be an
> option to use


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