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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject [Studio] OpenLDAP config editor read and write as LDIF
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2015 16:06:56 GMT
Le 11/06/15 12:28, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> a quick heads up on what's going on for the OpenLDAP Config editor,
> which is scheduled for the next Studio release
> o Some issue has to be fixed when we try to save the config. This is due
> to some delta being computed with some modify being sent when they
> should not. I will review the full process this week. Hopefully, I'll
> get something working soon.
> Next steps :
> ------------
> o Have a way to save the configuration into a LDIF file, if we are not
> connected to an OpenLDAP server
It is now possible to save the configuration as a LDIF file : select
'save as', pick an empty directory, and you are done.

There are two things I'd like to change here :
- first, there is no reason we should pick an empty directory, as it is
currently required in the Save As dialog.
- second, it might be good to be able to open a dialog when the user
type ctrl-s, to ask if the config should be injected into the OpenLDAP
connection, or saved on the disk (or even saved into a local version).

Here, I'd like to have your input :

- should we use ctrl-s as a default to store the config in the
associated connection (ie, sent into the running LDAP server)
- or should we ask the user where to save the config ?

In the first case, as the connection might be off, we might have to ask
what to do : should we connect to the server, or save to the disk.

> o Have a way to read the configuration from a LDIF file, if we are not
> connected to an OpenLDAP server
Regarding this feature, I think it's critical to associate it to a
OpenLDAP connection (even if it's not connected). Creating a new
connection from scratch should be a matter of creating a new OpenLDAP
connection, and when one right-click on this connection, an option would
be to create a configuration stored on disk.

Last, not least, I'd like to add a feature that export a delta-LDIF
instead of injecting it into a running LDAP server. Tht could be useful
to propagate a modification to many servers (dev, tests, pre-production,
production). It may be done later, but I'm quite sure that would be a

Thanks !

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