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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject [Studio] Openldap configuration editor status
Date Sat, 27 Jun 2015 13:59:45 GMT
Hi guys,

end of june is approaching... I wish days have 48 hours, weeks 14 days
and month 60 !

Hre is a bit of update about the Studio OpenLDAP configuration editor.

o First, all the parameters from the olcGlobal ObjectClass are now
handled in the main tabs (Overview, Security, Tuning and Options). I had
to improve the TableWidget code to manage ordered multiple-values
attribute. Itw as not easy, but the good part is that this table is now
available for any plugin that need it (I still have to document how it
works, something I have started to do lately).

o The Database tab is already working, for the main backend (MDB,
HDB/BDB and a few others), but there is a lot to do to complete those
guys, as many parameters are currently not handled (either global ones
or specific ones). Hopefully, most of the existing parameters are
already handled.

o The ACL editor exists, and somehow works, but as we don't have any way
to configure the AclAccess attributeType atm, it's only available on the
DIT. I will work on that shortly

o Replication is also partially handled, but I have to review the code :
many parameters can't be injected in the config if some other aren't
already present. I have to check this specific logic.

o Overlays : some of them are handled, some other need some love. That
will be the next step

o Otherwise, there are 37 AttributeTypes tat are shared across many
configuration ObjectClasses. I will have to create dedicated widgets for
those guys, in order to avoid code duplication. This is not really
complicated, just an externalisation of some existing code.

What will remain when all this will be completed :
- save and read the config on disk, instead of requiring a connected server.
- some change might have some huge impact on a running server
(typically, I had to reset some config because the values I injected
were to strict, and I were not able anymore to access to the confg :-).
This is powerful, but also risky (some would say dangerous). Ideally, we
should be able to send a request to the server asking for a reset to the
previous config. Not likely to happen soon, I'm afraid).

In any case, I'd like to cut a release in a few weeks, even if it's not
perfect, just to get some users' feedback. In the mean time, feel free
to play with the nightly builds and come back to me with the errors/bugs
you find !

Thanks !

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