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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: nbSubordnates, nbChildren, was: Work in progress...
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2016 20:11:48 GMT
Le 07/03/16 20:45, Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
> On 03/06/2016 02:49 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
>> I think it will be very useful for studio, when running against
>> ApacheDS, as once can now expose the number of *real* childrens and
>> subrdinates without having to fetch them from teh server (more
>> important, we won't be limited by the SizeLimit that can be set -
>> typically 1000).
>> I wish we can have the same feature added to OpenLDAP and the other
>> servers...
> Well some servers support something similar: Novell has a
> "subordinateCount" AT, SunDS/OpenDS/OpenDJ have a "numSubordinates" and
> "hasSubordinates" AT. numSubordinates is defined in an expired draft [1]
> and has OID assigned. hasSubordinates is even
> defined in X.501 and has official OID assigned.
I took the idea from SunDS, leveraging the fact that we have the
information available.
> In Studio we use those attributes but only to indicate if an entry
> contains children or not and ot make the item in the tree expandable or not.

> Maybe we can add at lease hasSubordinates additionally, then other LDAP
> clients that already support it can leverage it.

I can add the hasSubordinates AT easily.

> I think numSubordinates and subordinateCount only mean the number of
> direct children, whereas our nbSubordinates means all.

Because we have the nbChildren that gives the direct number of children.

> I think in Studio we can add support for those, we can extend the number
> shown for an entry like that:
>     ou=users (1000/23456/456789)
> which means 1000 entries fetched, out of 23456 direct children out of
> 456789 total subordinates.

Sounds like a good idea, although it's a bit heavy. How about having
just the number of children as a default, and a hover to give the number
of fetched and subordinates ?

Most of the time, people won't fetch the entries.

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