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From Carlos Perez <>
Subject Interceptor/Authenticator Init being called with NULL directory service
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2016 20:43:21 GMT
Hi guys,

I’m not sure whether this is expected behavior or not, but it completely through me for
a loop when I was creating a new authenticator for ApacheDS M21.  It seems that the Authenticator
init() method is being invoked once with a NULL intense of the directory service and then
a second time with a legitimate instance.

I figured it out by tracing through the code, but then added logs in to validate my assumption,
it seems that the first time the authenticator init() method is called is when the Interceptor
is being created (on the addAuthenticator(..) call) and then again when the interceptor is
added to the directory service.

Here are the logs to show you what I was seeing…  I hope this helps,


{"ApplicationName":"json","User":"root","Product":"log4j","Message":"DIRECTORY SERVICE IS
NULL< BAILING OUT","Timestamp":1456847058160,"NDC":null,"LineNumber":"52","MethodName":"doInit","MDC":{},"Date":"2016-03-01T15:44:18.160Z","FileName":"","Level":"ERROR","Thread":"main","ClassName":"com.ultimatesoftware.identity.apacheds.UltimateAuthenticator","Hostname":"cp08-accounts-accountstore-primary-004190-ubuntu-1"}
{"ApplicationName":"json","User":"root","Product":"log4j","Message":"DIRECTORY SERVICE IS
NOT NULL, FINALLY!!","Timestamp":1456847089021,"NDC":null,"LineNumber":"56","MethodName":"doInit","MDC":{},"Date":"2016-03-01T15:44:49.021Z","FileName":"","Level":"ERROR","Thread":"main","ClassName":"com.ultimatesoftware.identity.apacheds.UltimateAuthenticator","Hostname":"cp08-accounts-accountstore-primary-004190-ubuntu-1"}
{"ApplicationName":"json","User":"root","Product":"log4j","Message":"DIRECTORY SERVICE IS
NOT NULL, FINALLY!!","Timestamp":1456847089156,"NDC":null,"LineNumber":"51","MethodName":"init","MDC":{},"Date":"2016-03-01T15:44:49.156Z","FileName":"","Level":"ERROR","Thread":"main","ClassName":"com.ultimatesoftware.identity.apacheds.UltimateHashingInterceptor","Hostname":"cp08-accounts-accountstore-primary-004190-ubuntu-1"}

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