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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Scim library contribution
Date Fri, 13 May 2016 20:40:27 GMT
Le 13/05/16 19:50, Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
> +1
> Even if I'm always sceptical adding new code to the Directory project, I
> think the PennState guys are dedicated and will help maintain it.
I think that Directory does not have to become a giant umbrella for many
IDM related projects. IMO, projects like Kerby, Fortress or eSCIMo are
expected to become TLP sonner or later. Kerby is probably close to this
state witha 1.0 out. Fortress is also close to be a new TLP.

The rational here is to make sure that we have some common interest in
having those projects and the associated people working hand in hand, to
create a strong community.

Kerby was, IMO, accepted because we needed to find a way to get a
kerberos server that works. Not that the existing implementation is bad
per se, but with the existing code base, and the heavy dependency on
ApacheDS and the LDAP API, the entry barrier is so high that it's
difficult to find new committers. I tend to think that Kerby benefited
from the Directory project, and especially from the exposure it brought,
and now that we have 2 PMC members with Kai and Jiajia, plus external
committers, we should be able to push it 'out' like MINA.

Fortress was also benefiting from ApacheDS, as all the unit tests are
based on it. Now that a 1.0 is out, we can also think about making it a
TLP. That would be up to Shawn and Chris to see when it would make
sense, but the community around it is small atm.

Scim, same story. Kiran started it, never had time to get a release out
of it, but this is definitively a component that would benefit from the
people around.

The other aspect is that going through incubation is quite heavy for
project like this one. Like it or not, we are on a corner of the IT
business... Nobody want to play around Identity Management, it's
everything but sexy. That makes it very hard to find new interested
people in this area. And if it was only us... Think aboit what happened
to OpenSSL last year !

We are not main stream, we are not making the buzz, except when a huge
security breach is found. Grabage men, this is what we are... Ah, if
only we were as sexy as something in the cloud, or a web framework... ;-)

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