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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject ApacheDS-2.0.0-M22 : pb with the installers
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2016 13:12:49 GMT
Hi guys,

I just tested some of the linux installers, as 2 useras are complaining.
There is an issue with a bad declaration in the wrapper.conf file.

The workaround is to remove line 38 in the wrapper.conf file :


# Java Additional Parameters${double.quote}file:///%INSTANCE_DIRECTORY%/conf/${double.quote}${double.quote}%INSTANCE_DIRECTORY%${double.quote}${double.quote}%INSTANCE_DIRECTORY%/log${double.quote}${double.quote}%INSTANCE_DIRECTORY%/run${double.quote}${double.quote}%INSTANCE%${double.quote}    
<------------------------------------------------------------- This line
is wrong

Now, the pb is that it's just a workaround, and we should fix the
problem in the sources. I wan do that, and produce new installers.

Here is what I suggest : once this fix is applied, I can produce the
installers for a new version (2.0.0-M23) that will be voted in less than
72 hours (let's say 24h), just because teh server's code itself won't be

Wdyt ?

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