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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Website's javadoc missing
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2016 13:01:11 GMT
Le 23/07/16 à 13:23, Shawn McKinney a écrit :
> Something happened between my updates last night to the website and this morning when
I woke up.  I noticed all of the fortress javadoc links were broken.  When I went to the directory
svn repo for production website and issued a svn update I noticed this:
> smckinn@ubuntu:~/SVN/apache/directory-production/content$ svn update
> Updating '.':
> D    extpaths.txt
> D    studio/users-guide
> D    fortress/gen-docs/1.0.0
> D    fortress/gen-docs/1.0.1
> D    fortress/gen-docs/1.0-RC40
> D    fortress/gen-docs/1.0-RC42
> U    testimonies.html
> G    fortress/index.html
> along with many other Delete’s.  Not sure what is going on here but it can’t be good.

yeah, I'm also doing a svn up on the production area, and it's deleting
*all* the javadocs :/

I have checked the extpaths file which specifically exclude those
directories to be removed, so there is something wrong going on.

In any case, we still can revert those deletion (thanks to SVN), because
I just don't want to push the doc again.

I'll check that later on.

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