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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Re: [Mavibot] Update
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2017 09:58:23 GMT
Hi !

Another week-end, another report...

I have made some progress, but not as fast than I would have liked to. I
was able to inject up to 100 000 elements in a B-tree, in a single
transaction. It's at least 5 times faster than with the previous Mavibot
release, thanks to the transaction mechanism, which saves a lot of page
writes. Note that there is no cache in the current version.

I also tried to run a loop with a transaction for each instert, and it
was working up to 1000 inserts, but then I get some errors, that I
wasn't able to get fixed (actually, I fixed a lot of small errors, but I
still have a database corruption to take care of). Even with one update
per transaction, it's still slightly faster than the previous release.

The main issue was linked to the refactoring of page duplication, and
handling of full page splits, as the B-trees grow.

I also ave added a dump utility that expose teh content of the file, to
avoid checking it by calling hexdump on it. A large gain when debugging
the library.

I hope being able to find a bit of time to get the insert fixed soon
enugh. The next step will be to also fix the delete funtion.

Emmanuel Lecharny

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